The Sleep Better Power Hour

Sleep plays a huge role in both your physical and mental health. 


Do you find that you're struggling to get sleep in the evening because your mind is racing? Or maybe you get to sleep but wake up in the night? Maybe you wake each morning and don't feel rested, or free of anxiety or stress at the start of the day? Or, do you have the Sunday evening blues and struggle to sleep ahead of Monday morning? If so, this session could be for you. 

One session, one hour all about you and your sleep. Including tips, visualisation and a relaxation track for future use.

60 minutes - £55 

*Please note, your struggles with sleep could be caused by an underlying issue and additional hypnotherapy sessions could help with this. 

Kate T 

Thank you for my sleep power hour. I have taken away some great advice and had a wonderful relaxation. Nice to be the client for a change! I removed the clock last night from my bedroom, woke once but didn't know the time so went back to sleep and the next time I woke I got up to start the day. It was 8AM! I'm feeling positive. Thank you.